About Us.

SolCon Capital is a global investment firm that specialises in investing in technology sub- sectors undergoing significant innovation and development. SolCon Capital aims to bring transformative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and Metaverse to the forefront of the digital space in Africa.

Our Vision

SolCon Capital's vision is to be a leading investment holdings company in the technology space, utilizing the benefits of a permanent capital vehicle to drive long-term growth and value creation. Through a focus on innovation and management alignment, we aim to deliver superior returns to our stakeholders while making a meaningful impact in the technology industry

Our Mission

Solcon Capital's mission is to identify and invest in the most innovative and promising technology sub-sectors that are poised for significant growth and development. Our long-term investment approach is guided by a deep commitment to research, analysis, and mentorship, as we seek to build a portfolio of world-changing companies that create value for our investors and drive progress for society.

Meet our Team.

SolCon Capital has a technology focused executive team

Pramod VenkateshPramod Venkatesh
Pramod Venkatesh
Chief Executive Officer