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Africa’s Digital Infrastructure towards Uncanny Valley

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Executive Summary

The continent of Africa has a bright digital future, thanks to its young population that serves as a solid base for tech industry growth and innovation. However, by 2045, Africa must have a robust digital infrastructure network in place to prepare for new technologies such as 6G, 7G, and High-Altitude Platforms.

Convergence Partners has established the Digital Infrastructure Fund to consolidate resources that impact the digital and align with the "Africa We Want" vision. Africa must guard its IPV4, IPV6 and DNS assets, which are crucial to the successful development of its digital infrastructure.

Additionally, investing in rare earth exploration and material science research is crucial for semiconductor technology. Africa needs to have a robust digital infrastructure in place to fully realise the potential of Web 3.0, which offers a new way of interacting with the internet. With the proper digital infrastructure, Africa has the potential to leapfrog many Web 2.0 technologies and move directly to Web 3.0.

Africa must take control of its digital future and craft its narrative within the Web 3.0 ecosystem, incorporating Natural Language Processing (NLP) solutions that can translate between its diverse range of languages. Connecting Africa requires a robust land-based cross-border optical fiber network and central and edge data centers to support the next generation of technologies.

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About the author
Andile Ngcaba
Andile Ngcaba

Andile Ngcaba is the founder and Chairman of Solcon Capital and Convergence Partners. He is also an Internet technology investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist.